How to Fix Issues With Google Home

Google Home has paved new ways for smart living. From entertainment to home appliances, these smart devices perform well enough to manage your household without human intervention. However, at times, it may fail in responding to your commands due to issues related to the device or its connectivity.

In such situations, you need to figure out the issue and resolve it so you continue living a smart life. Or, simply switch to Windstream Kinetic for seamless internet connectivity. We will explain to you what can go wrong with your Google Home and ways to fix such problems.

Find out the most common issues that can arise with your Google Home and ways to resolve them:

Not Responding

Sometimes, your Google Home may not activate no matter how many times you input your commands with your voice. This is because other appliances placed nearby may interfere with your Google Home, disrupting the mic array in its system. For example, the background noise in your living room can make it harder for your device to activate, making you wonder why your device is not working anymore.

If you are experiencing the same issue, then it is best to relocate your Google Home device to an area with lesser noises and other obstructions that can interfere with your device. Besides, to avoid such issues, you need to check if your device is switched on or not. This is because sometimes, you may not realize that your device is not working as you forgot to switch it on.

You can also restart your Google Home device to improve its performance. Simply unplug it from the power outlet and wait for a minute. Then, plug it back in. You will notice how its glitches have been removed within a minute.

Unwanted Responses

Even if you say the words “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” in a conversation with a roommate or family member, your Google Home may activate on its own. This may occur when your device becomes too sensitive to your commands that it ends up misinterpreting your words. Similarly, your smartphone may start responding to the same commands you use for your Google Home device.

All you need to do is, simply adjust its sensitivity to your commands through Settings. In addition, you should consider placing your device on a flat surface instead of keeping it at an angle.

Another way to fix this issue is to change the default phrase that you use to activate your device. Instead of saying “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”, consider using less common phrases like “Okay Stevie” or “Hey Stevie.”

Connection Issues

You can use your Google Home devices only if it is connected to a stable internet connection. Otherwise, it may not respond promptly or work at all. Similarly, if you are connecting it to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device with weak signals or a limited coverage area, you may end up experiencing buffering or loading issues.

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Music Doesn’t Play

Your Google Home speakers may fail to stream your favorite music without buffering or it may stop after a few seconds. So, if your songs take forever to load, it’s time for you to restart your Google Home. Start by unplugging the device from the power outlet. Wait for 1-2 minutes. Next, plug your device back into the power outlet. This step will help resolve all the issues by updating your firmware.

Incorrect Location

A lot of times, Google Home devices are set with an incorrect location. This will show up as inaccurate weather conditions or traffic updates of another area. If you are facing similar issues, visit your Google Home app while connected to the same network. Check the name of your home mentioned on the app. Go to Settings, tap Home information, and Home address to change your location. Then, tap Edit to save your updated address.

All in All

Your Google Home device can make your life much easier and more luxurious at the same time. However, it is susceptible to connectivity or device issues due to various reasons. So, if you want to run your device smoothly, check out the abovementioned issues related to the Google Home device and learn how to fix them without any professional help.

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