How Much Does A Mediation Cost?

Divorce is an unpleasant process. But it does not have to be a legal battle that results in added financial and emotional pain. Many people have discovered that a divorce mediation attorney Wisconsin can actually help them decide how they will handle the issues in their divorce like–child custody and visitation, property division and debts, alimony, and child support– in a way that lessens the conflicts and increase cooperation. It will also help in saving the cost of the divorce.

How much does a mediation cost?

The cost of mediation depends upon what type of mediation you are opting for. You can choose several types of mediation, which are mentioned below. 

  • Government-funded family mediation

There are two types of mediation in government-funded.

  • Onsite funding

In this type of mediation, the government funds free mediation for the parties on the day they are present in the court. This is often known as “onsite” mediation and is available in the courts in the FLIC (Family Law Information Centres). The government regulated service providers provide this funding. 

  • Offsite funding

It is government-subsidized funding based on the party’s income and the number of dependants. The fee can be as low as $5 per hour for those whose annual income is less than $14,999 and $105 for those whose yearly income is between $54,999 to $59,999 with no dependants. The fees will be negotiated with no dependants whose annual income is more than $59,999. The fee will increase depending on the number of dependants. 

  • Private family mediation

In this type of mediation, a mediation attorney can charge the fee at a flat hourly rate which is generally shared or split by the parties as they negotiate. Some mediators will require up-front deposits, while some are not. Each mediator has its own billing agreement with the parties. 

Keep in mind that many steps are necessary for the court system, and the lawyers will also require mediators. Total financial disclosure is necessary for effective family mediation.

But in meditation, both the parties avoid going to courts to save the costs, which can surprisingly increase to tens of thousands of dollars in expenditure. Going to court usually involves a lot of spending and is time-consuming due to the following reasons:

  • Telling your story and proving abdominal and loin muscles  facts
  • Meetings with your lawyer several times.
  • Serving, drafting, and filling information for the judge in addition to the pleadings
  • Pay court filing fees when required

By comparison, the estimated cost of mediated settlement is under $5,000. Parties with lawyers tend to charge their mediation clients much less than their litigation clients.

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