Your Guide to a Speedy Post-Hammer Toes Surgery Recovery

Your post-surgery recovery is as crucial as the operation. Recovery is a two-way road; your doctor fixes the problem, and you contribute to its healing. Surgery, whether big or small, has prescribed guidelines for a safe and speedy recovery. The healing process might seem overwhelming, but you will get better with proper care and assistance in no time. And even though patients recover at their own pace, this guide will help you heal after your hammer toes surgery in Sydney.

Leg-related problems, including feet and toes, are one of the most reported incidents in Sydney. Therefore, this aftercare routine is the result of thorough research. So, after straightening your curled toe, it might look swollen and red. However, this is nothing to worry about as the colour will revert to normalcy slowly and gradually. Additionally, the surgery you undergo also determines your recovery pace.

Hammertoes: Causes

Understanding the causes of hammertoes might help you exercise caution and precaution, thus preventing their formation. And while hammertoes don’t usually form after surgery, they might recur in some cases due to negligence or lack of adequate care.

  • Severe toe injury
  • Irregular foot arch; usually high
  • Wearing ill-fitted footwear
  • Spinal cord injury or nerve damage

Besides, arthritis is a common cause of hammertoes. Approximately 3.9 Australians suffer from it.

Hammertoes: Aftercare

Recovery is a gradual process; it requires patience. But, the result is worth the care and time you put into healing your body.

Daily Chores

  • Medication might make you drowsy, or the toe’s stiffness might cause discomfort, but uninterrupted and adequate sleep will accelerate the recovery process.
  • Walking might hurt initially, but taking small steps every day and slowly increasing the walking time will allow your body to get used to the straightened toe.
  • After surgery, the doctor will cover your toe with a bandage. So, cover it when showering to ensure water does not reach your toe.
  • Wait for 5-6 weeks before driving. According to Sydney transport regulations, you must notify them about your recent surgeries and your current medical status.
  • And if you have an on-site job, work from home for at least 3-4 weeks. Constant travelling to and from work (whether it’s from Chatswood to Penrith or from Windsor to South Windsor) will strain your toe, slowing its recovery.
  • If you experience pain and swelling, apply an ice pack on your toe for 15-20 minutes hourly. However, wrapping the cold pack in a thin cloth before using it as direct contact can cause stiffness.
  • When sitting or lying down, support your foot on a cushion for a week. Also, ensure your foot does not dangle to maintain proper blood circulation web series review.

Drugs and Medication

  • You will feel pain and discomfort for the first few weeks. However, consult your doctor before taking medicine. Your doctor will inform you about the correct dosage and create a medication schedule.
  • Your doctor will instruct you about the drug’s side effects and compatibility with other medicines. Therefore, ensure you take the medication as directed.
  • Call your doctor in case of sudden or excessive bleeding, constant swelling after two weeks, severe pain, or side effects.
  • While your recovery after hammer toe surgery does not exercise dietary restrictions, limiting your meals to low-fat foods for a couple of weeks is best.

Foot health is extremely vital, and for a safe and speedy recovery after your hammer toes surgery in Sydney, you must give your feet ample time to heal. Your feet are your walking, running, or jumping companions. And with a proper aftercare routine, your toe will recover in the blink of an eye!

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