Which Emits More Radiation?

The amount of radiation emitted from both laptops and mobile phones varies. Laptops generally have lower levels of radiation than smartphones, but mobile phones produce higher levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). There is some debate over whether laptops and mobile phones cause more damage to the human body, but this debate is not backed by scientific evidence. Mobile phones, for example, constantly communicate with network towers, so the amount of radiation that they emit is much higher.

The answer to the question of which emits more radiation is more complex than it appears. The mobile phone emits radiation from wireless networks and Bluetooth, while laptops emit radiation from mobile phones’ Bluetooth radio/antenna. The amount of radiation is not harmful, but it can be significant. A laptop’s radiation meter will show an average reading of four to six uW/cm2, with peaks reaching 13-15 uW/cm2.

Mobile phones are responsible for much of the radiation. The average mobile phone has higher SAR levels than a laptop. Cell phones use a cellular connection and must send a signal miles away to connect to a tower. The farther you are from a cell tower, the higher the radiation. Fortunately, federal standards for SARs limit mobile phones to 1.6 watts per kilogram, although this number may vary by as much as 20%.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the scientific legislative body of the US government, recommends that laptops be kept at least 20cm away from the user. As a result, the close proximity of a laptop to a human body can affect sleep and fertility. Moreover, it affects the body’s tissues, especially the skin. Consequently, experts recommend that laptops be kept away from children for safety purposes.

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