What is the Difference Between Deep House and Tech House?

The basic difference between tech and deep house can be found in the way each style emphasizes different aspects of the beat. Tech house songs generally put emphasis on the second and fourth beats. Deep house songs, on the other hand, emphasize every beat, from the bass drum hit to the snare and off-beat hi-hat. Although there are some similarities, the two styles are vastly different in terms of sound and strategy.

The origins of deep house and tech house go back to the late eighties, where the genre was created. Techno was primarily technology driven, with the use of samples and loops. These techniques eventually led to some of the best-known techno tracks. While techno and tech house are distinct genres, they are often intertwined. And On, by James Hype and Dillon Francis, was released in 1993 and is considered to be a deep house song.

While some producers have adopted a deep house sound, others are moving towards techno sounds. One example of a deep house track that is techno is M.A.N.D.Y.’s “Radical High” on Lawler’s VIVa Music label. The track’s pulsating beats and single note b-line provide a chill mood. The track’s breakdown seems to hint at a massive break, but it resolves in a subtle way.

While tech house was largely influenced by European techno, American producers started to influence the genre in the mid to late nineties. The West Coast tribal sound began to become popular, and a sub-label called Grayhound was founded in 1996 that helped make the genre hybridized. E.T.I. and DJ Garth’s 1998 single “Disco Glory” helped establish the hybrid house sound. Later, remixes by artists like Jamie Jones and E.B.E. were released that further emphasized this transitional period.

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