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What is a Zorb Ball?

A zorb ball is a double-sectioned sphere with one ball inside the other, separated by a layer of air. The ride inside is incredibly safe, and the rider is harnessed inside the inner ball. The outer ball is then inflated with a commercial blower. The experience can be thrilling for the entire family, but it is important to use safety equipment while inside. Fortunately, zorbing balls are very popular with people of all ages.

The first human-sized inflatable ball was invented by a young French architect named Gilles Ebersolt in the 1970s. The Ballule used inverted vacuum cleaners to pressurize the ball. It was first shown on international television in the 1970s, but it never became a commercial inflatable product. Ebersolt subsequently shifted his focus to building board games, including a version that mimicked the Zorbing experience.

A zorb ball is a large inflated ball that can be used on a water surface. It is a fun way to spend an afternoon. People can use zorbs in swimming pools, lakes, and even on beaches. Zorb balls can also be launched into the air on a slide. They are incredibly safe, and require good coordination to use. There are several types of zorbing balls, including inflatable pools, and a variety of different surfaces.

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