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There are five functions of management

Planning, supervision, motivation, and controlling. Each function performs a different task. All must be accomplished for the organization to be successful. Managers engage in one of the functions and start another, but do not necessarily do so at the same time. The five functions of management are interrelated, and must complement one another. For instance, if a manager is engaged in the planning function, they are launching another, and vice versa.

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Controlling: this function is essentially the measurement and correction of subordinates to ensure that the enterprise’s plans and objectives are met. All five functions are closely related and often overlap, but a manager must focus on them individually. In other words, an effective manager will do the same things a good leader does, but they’ll do them differently. This will ensure that he or she is focusing on the right skills and qualities.

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Planning: Planning sets the pace for the subsequent steps of the managerial process. magazines2day This step is the most fundamental and is the most complex. It requires pre-determined steps that must be performed in a specific order. While planning, managers must also evaluate and make adjustments if necessary to address errors. Ultimately, planning is an important part of any organization, and is the key to achieving success. The five functions of management are outlined in the following sections.

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