Schoolies in Fiji: Four Memorable Things You Can Do

Summer is looming closer. Well, at least for Australia. And that only means only one thing—Schoolies.

But how do you make it memorable? Well, besides being a little obnoxious, you can try picking a place that’s a bit more unique. Fiji seems nice that time of the year. Yes, it’s finally time you say these words together: Fiji Schoolies 2023.

Alright, maybe that doesn’t roll off the tongue. But, rest assured, it’ll be more fun than you could ever imagine. Don’t jump just yet; you still have to sit for your exams. Yet, while you’re at it, here are a few ideas on how you can spend your Schoolies week.

Everyone’s headed to the islands

There’s no point in rehashing what you already know. Still, pack the necessary documents, a first aid kit and lots of sunscreen lotion. You’ll figure all that out on your own.

This is more about how you make the most of your trip. Let’s dive right in!

1. Mascot therapy

There are several theme parties during grad week in Fiji. With some creativity, you can make an impression.

No, that doesn’t mean you do something obscene. But—and this is just a suggestion—somebody wearing a mascot outfit and roaming around the beach at night does turn heads. If that’s not your thing, go dressed as your favourite character.

Be warned: There’ll be plenty of anime lovers at these parties. So, make sure your outfit stands out if you don’t want to blend into the crowd.

2. Get a dose of vitamin sea

Here’s the thing: Unlike the typical Schoolies destinations, you can go snorkelling in Fiji. Do it. You may not get a chance to try it out later.

It’ll also be a nice change of pace from the seemingly endless parties. Who knows, you might even find it peaceful. However, pay close attention to the instructors if it’s your first time and make sure the entire activity is under supervision.

After all, you aren’t technically an adult just yet.

3. Don’t worry, beach happy

What do you picture when someone says ‘Fiji Schoolies 2023’? Beaches. So, make sure you pack some comfortable shorts.

In addition to participating in the ongoing games, consider spending some time just lazing about. After all, you’ve earned it. Moreover, this can also be a small window to reflect on everything that’s happened so far. You’ve graduated; life’s about to start now.

4. Say cheese, officer

There are plenty of cops and other security officers around during grad trips. And, if you are respectful, you can get a picture with one. Why would you want one? Well, it’s a nice souvenir to have. Besides, there’s nothing better than posing with an officer when you’ve done nothing wrong.

However, don’t badger them and ask only once. If the answer is a ‘no’, move on.

Safety is also fun

Now, it’s understandable if things go a little out of hand. Your friends may dare you to do something, and you might go for it. However, you must understand this: Do not play around with your or someone else’s safety.

Also, drugs are illegal and, more importantly, dangerous. What you may consider tempting now may turn out to be disastrous later. So, stay away from anything that could affect your faculties.

Finally, spend some time with your schoolmates. You don’t know when you’ll see them again.

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