Rush Limbaugh Deathwatch 2021

fletchie d’arrière, le sympathique et jeune chef-d’oeuvre Deathwatch est sorti de l’ombre. Une fois de plus, son succès a été annoncé par un public excité. Le cinéma de l’Aisle 18 a été tout d’abord prié pour l’aide du satellite. La mixture amour/sportif et nationales sont à son apogée. Le trio piaffer: Charlie, Monique, Kala va donné la batte ! Ils sont une équipe très pertinente pour réaliser des scénarios clairs sur place. Des films confiants et subtils où les acteurs se retrouvent dansant ensemble avec un concert venue du matin en poche. Ceux qui veulent connaitre des chefs-d’œuvres électro-thésistes sauront certainement rêver d’un « Aiello »!


Aiello is a gorgeous love story that tells the love story of two people. One person is a disabled artist who creates artworks using only his mind; the other is his spouse, a housewife. As the couple moves through life, they get to know each other’s real pain points and try to solve them for each other. There is a lot of humour in Aiello, some serious moments and a lot of heartbreak that leaves us with a good impression. For the record, we hope the film becomes a hit because it is a super simple, enchanting story about two people falling in love and solving their problems for one another. Just, ignore all the commercial and critical consideration and just enjoy the film for what it is.

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is a wonderful and simple movie about mother and daughter. No two characters are the same, no one has the same pain points or has the same problems. This is a delightful film that comes in with a sense of nostalgia and is all about the family. There is a sense of inter-family bonding and being a part of a big family unit. There is a wonderful sense of humour in this film too, definitely one of its strengths. There are a few heart- wrenching scenes but overall, this heartwarming story is a must-see for all lovers of films.

Laga Mhaiti

Laga Mhaiti is a beautiful romantic comedy film that tells the story of a couple whose lovemaking act is filmed on a computer and sent to the screen. The couple, played by two actors from one cinema, is a part of a TV production and their movie is about the sex act. The film is about the lovemaking act of both the actors and the audience, who are encouraged to watch the film as much as possible to understand the other person’s feelings. If you are a romantic, you will fall in love with the lead character right away and he will make you feel so much affection and joy. It is a very cute romantic film that has a lot of heart- melting scenes.

Aalabhatta Bhaijaan

Aalabhatta Bhaijaan is a romantic comedy film directed by Mukesh Tagle. The film stars Vivek Dutt andru, Rupa Choudary and Kailash Kher in lead roles. The story of a couple in love is based on a novel by Kiran Bedi. This is a charming romantic comedy film that has an interesting story about two people falling in love and making a business out of it. The film is based on a book of the same name by Kiran Bedi. The dialogues are simple and sweet, the story is simple and sweet, the characters are simple and sweet and the audience is made of three types of emotion – happy, sad, and confused.

Kuchte Hoon Phoolkein

Kuchte Hoon Phoolkein is a action-packed romantic comedy film written and directed by Rupa Choudary. This is a very simple film and it has an interesting concept. The film follows a couple who have a child – a hybrid between a boy and a girl. The mother is a photographer and the father is a computer programmer. As the child grows up, he falls in love with a model and the couple plans a family with the model’s husband. This is a very simple concept, but it develops into a very complex story about the love and loss of a family unit.

Jayki Good Bad Urdu

This is the sequel to Jayki Good Bad Urdu which was released in 2011. The film is a romantic comedy film with two actors from two Indian film industry groups working in a bilingual film. The film is about a group of boys who love to party but can’t seem to get into the party business. One of them is a poor urdu speaker who is reluctant to accept a job as an English tutor. The other one is an urdu poet who is reluctant to accept a job as an English teacher because he doesn’t know how to write in Urdu. The story is very simple, the couple who falls in love with each other is an ordinary person who falls in love with ordinary people, the film is about the love and loss of a family unit.

Kehelaan Bhi Thi

This is a western film directed by Siddharth Srivastava and produced by Sanjay Bhutto. This film stars Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Rishi K Puram in lead roles. The main story is about a family that owns a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and their attempt to create a drug that would help people in need. The story is very simple, the couple who fall in love with each other is a pharmacist and a virologist. The film has an interesting concept and story about an unplanned pregnancy, a mother and her child and how they survive in a tough society.

Dhokla 20

Dhokla 20 is a Tamil romantic comedy film produced and directed by K. Balachandran. The film features five actors from five film industries working together for the first time. The film is based on the popular Gujarati film Dhokla which was released in 2014 and won several awards. The film has a somewhat of a PG-13 rating on purpose so the message of tolerance and inclusion is not taken to far. Dhokla 20 is a romantic comedy film with elements of fantasy and science-fictional, set in a future where only one race is left to exist – the Dhokla people, who are divided into two distinct sub-races, Khanduras and Dahesh – the Dhokla sub-race produce children with special abilities, the Dahesh sub-race are the ones with no special ability but are unintelligent and unproductive.

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