Open CS GO cases vs. Buying CS GO skins

Community opinion is divided on this issue. While some people think that to open CS:GO cases is stupid and wasteful work, others invite on their Youtube channels to buy keys to cases and open them until the coveted skin falls out. Not so long ago, the Chinese authorities ordered Valve to publish information related to the likelihood of certain skins falling out of loot boxes. As it turned out, the probability of getting a knife is only 0.02% in the StatTrak version and 0.2% in the basic version. On average, players spend around $300 opening lightboxes before they get a rare item.

The alternative in the form of a direct purchase of skins for real money against this background looks very attractive. First, you don’t have to wait until something that interests you falls out when you open CS GO cases. That is, you save your time. And time, as we know, is money. Secondly, you can slowly get acquainted with all the offers on the marketplaces and purchase the skin that seems most attractive to you. You can choose its quality, special features and, most importantly, price. No one obliges you to buy the skin that comes across. But if you decide to do so, the purchase process will only take a few minutes. You can also sell an item from your Steam inventory at any time and withdraw money to a bank card.

If you are a novice trader, then wait until the price of the new CS GO chest stabilizes. When demand starts to grow, and supply, respectively, to fall, put it up for sale on the website. With a good deal, you can sell it even twice as much.

Opencase – is the game worth it?

The process of opening CS GO cases is designed in such a way as to kindle the excitement and interest of the user. Often a gamer lacks only a share of luck to get the coveted knife or gloves. What stimulates the desire to try more, and more, and more… Until the moment when the wallet is completely empty.

Fortunately, humanity has come up with free online CS GO case simulators. They are absolutely free and anonymous. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that someone will get access to your Steam account data or require you to pay money. We recommend checking your chance of getting skin from the selected case on the special platforms. To do this, you need to enter the site, select a loot box, and start opening fake chests.

Where can you sell the best CS GO cases?

Do you have a dozen or two popular cases from CS GO in your inventory? Did you buy them very cheaply and are now rubbing your hands because the profit is almost in your pocket? Well, then it’s time to tell you about the possibilities of the trading platform.

The marketplaces allow you to sell and buy:

  • CS GO;
  • Dota2;
  • and TF2 skins at market prices for real money in a few clicks.

On the marketplaces, in a matter of minutes, you can get acquainted with trade offers and profitably conclude both large and small deals. In order to wholesale large volumes of items, the minimum value of each item must be at least half a dollar. Remember that your Steam inventory must be open for trading. Authorization on the platforms occurs through a trade URL link. After that, you just need to select the skins for the exchange and make a deal with the bot.

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