Nutaku Booty Farm Review

If you’ve been wondering about Nutaku Booty Farm, you’ve come to the right place! This game is a full screen adventure that lets you grow your very own booty! Your goal is to collect as much gold as you can in one sitting and turn it into currency to buy more equipment, upgrades, and more! Your first stop is Mindy, a ginger-haired broad who welcomes you to her land. She’s not impressed by your plans to earn money fast!


For adults, the most recent free-to-play release by the Japanese publisher desktime brings a combination of farming simulator and visual novel. If you’ve played the famous game Prey farm, you’re probably aware of the gameplay. In Booty Farm, you’ll be the boss of a large farm where you can flirt with hot girls. As you get rich quickly, you’ll need to feed and protect your livestock to survive.

The fun part of Nutaku Booty Farm gameplay is the hentai. While you’ll be working hard to collect enough gold to buy upgrades, you’ll have fun as you collect items. And while you’re working hard to unlock new upgrades, you can get rewarded by racking up a nice chunk of change. It’s a game that’s sure to get you pumped for the next update!


In order to earn valuable Currency at Nutaku Booty Farm, you must first create an account on Nutaku. Registration is easy and requires only your email address and a login password. To get started, visit the Nutaku homepage and click on the Register button. Note that if you are playing the MOD version of the game, you might end up losing your account. If that happens, don’t worry: you can always create a new one easily.

The currency in the game is called Booty Farm coin, and it is necessary to make a purchase in order to unlock more girls. The purchase of Premium currency will allow you to buy more sexy girls, and will allow you to unlock the next one faster. ipsmarketing Booty Farm is a highly addictive mobile game that offers plenty of nudity and adult content. As you earn and spend Booty Farm Coins, you can upgrade your farm, flirt with hot girls, and unlock more girls.

Monthly events

If you like adult games, you should try Booty Farm by Nutaku. The game is available for PCs and mobile devices, and players can interact with a number of anime girls and farm items. The game is free to play, but there are some ads. Whether you enjoy playing online or offline, this game is sure to entertain you. Monthly events are a great way to earn gems and other rewards.

This game is free and includes several monthly events, including the Hentai Hot Sauce Challenge, which gives you an opportunity to test the Scoville Scale and try your luck at flirting with the girls. Those who are brave enough can also play the monthly events and meet new girls every month. Each event is also accompanied by cute animations. Monthly events at Nutaku Booty Farm are held every month.


Nutaku is known for developing innovative products that are unique and different from the rest. The company’s latest game, Booty Farm, is no exception. This free-to-play release is a combination of farming simulator and visual novel. Players can become their own boss and flirt with hot girls in the process. Its graphics are excellent and will keep you hooked on the game for hours. Here newscrawl are some features that make this game unique and stand out from the crowd:

The graphics in Nutaku Booty Farm are colorful and cartoon-style. Players will love the cartoon-styled graphics, which apply to both their farm life and to the girls that enter their lives. You can play the game for free on the Nutaku website. There’s no need to register. There are no ads, and no sign-up is required to play. But if you’re a fan of the game’s colorful and sexy graphics, you should definitely give it a try!

Freemium model

Nutaku is a Japanese publisher of dating sim games. They have over 200 titles and have amassed over 1 million registered users in less than two years. However, they do not sell their games on Google Play, which makes them unsuitable for young children. Here are a few advantages of Nutaku games:

First of all, Nutaku has managed to create a freemium model for the game. While the gameplay is still limited, it has a large library of 2D games. The games are easy to learn and play, with a focus on ease of use. Another unique feature of nutakunews is its introduction of popular browser game genre concepts in the mid-noughties, such as MMORPGs and RPGs.

Girls in the game

With a variety of game modes, players can try their hand at flirting with girls, building up their own Booty Harem. Players are rewarded with increasingly racy erotic photographs as they progress through the game. The game is a combination of farming and dating sim mechanics, and has storylines for players to follow. However, there are some differences between the two types of players in the game.


The plot of the game is fairly straightforward: you play as a young man who inherits a farm from his uncle. He wants the money so that he can buy a nice car and drive it. However, when he learns that the village is full of hot women, he changes his mind. As a result, he starts dating women, resulting in a plethora of lewd photos.

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