Invisalign Melbourne: The Convenient Way to a Confident Smile

“Braces are actually cool,” “Just focus on the end result, not the temporary discomfort,” and “Think of your braces as accessories.” Are you also tired of such statements that only act as broken cisterns unable to provide a satisfying answer to the question, “How do I feel more confident wearing braces?”

Well, Invisalign Melbourne has the answer – ditch the weird-looking wires and extra hardware altogether in favour of clear or invisible aligners. Except for the apparent fact that they are undetectable and boost public confidence, there are other benefits too. This article discusses them all.

Top Benefits of Using Invisalign Aligners

If you’re wondering whether they’re worth it, let’s start by letting you know you’re not the first one investing in Invisalign Melbourne, and you certainly won’t be the last. According to this study, the clear aligners market in Australia is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.7% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2028!

Now that we have the numbers let’s look at the reasons behind them in detail.

1. Invisible Aligners are Comfortable

If you’re remotely familiar with traditional braces, you know how restrictive they can be. The painful boundaries of not eating hard, brittle, or chewy foods come with the hope of a perfectly aligned smile.

Thankfully, you won’t be left wondering what to prepare for your next meal with clear aligners! Simply take them off while eating, rinse your mouth, and put them back on.

2. Say Goodbye to the Fears of Chronic Injuries

Crowded or crooked teeth are more than just an aesthetic nuisance. They can negatively impact your oral health in particular and overall health in general. For instance – misaligned teeth may grind over each other, thereby eroding the enamel.

Such skewed teeth may also lead to headaches or speech problems. Thankfully, clear aligners will work their magic to ensure your personal health is not affected adversely.

3. Maintain Oral Hygiene with Ease

If there’s one thing worse than being limited to fewer menu options, it’s being unable to participate in a normal oral hygiene routine. Trying to get the toothbrush around brackets and wires can be taxing, not to mention such a practice does not guarantee proper cleaning.

With clear aligners, you can brush your teeth and gums normally by simply removing the aligners. Cleaning the aligners separately keeps them shining whilst sparing you a risky manoeuvre around misaligned teeth and gums.

4. Avoid Pitfalls of Traditional Braces

In case you didn’t know, metal braces carry a host of side effects, the most common of which is oral abrasion or injury to the inside of the mouth. This happens due to poking wires or broken brackets (again, watch your meals!).

Then there are challenges involved with flossing and discolouration of brackets which may lead to white lesions. In contrast, clear aligners do not carry such risks as they are incredibly safe to use.

Proudly Be All Smiles!

Finally, you get the dual benefits of undergoing a completely computerized treatment schedule which may reduce the treatment time to half compared to traditional braces. Meaning that Invisalign Melbourne promises you that glorious smile sooner than expected!

Choose a reliable dentist, and they will assess your teeth before suggesting whether you’re a good candidate for clear aligners, the treatment plan, and the estimated time for treatment completion.

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