How to prepare for breast explant surgery?

Breast replacement surgery is a multi-step procedure that involves breast reconstruction, removal of the implants and nipple repositioning. The best way to prepare for aesthetic surgery like breast explant surgery is to arrange post-surgery care.

What is breast replacement surgery?

It is done to remove the implants from the breasts. It can be done for several reasons, including:

  • To relieve pain and discomfort induced by breast implants.
  • To restore the natural shape of your breasts after augmentation surgery. This is an alternative to breast reduction surgery (also known as “breast lift”) if you have more than enough volume in your chest area and wish just to remove some of it (as opposed to all).

Who should undergo breast explant surgery?

If you have been affected by breast cancer and the resulting mastectomy, the decision to undergo an explant surgery is often apparent.

This cosmetic surgery is also recommended for women who have had implants for a long time and find that they no longer fit their lifestyle or goals. While some women choose to keep their implants, others opt for removal. Suppose your breasts have become painful or uncomfortable due to the presence of the implant itself or from other complications associated with it (such as ruptures or capsular contracture). In that case, this may indicate that it’s time for you to consider breast explant surgery.

Complications arising out of breast replacement

It’s important to record that there are instances when having an implant removed can increase your risk of in the future: lymphoma and melanoma are two examples where this might happen if there was no previous diagnosis before getting an implant inserted into either side of your chest wall. These types tend not only to contain silicone but also various chemicals used during manufacturing processes, which could cause damage over time due to repeated exposure externally (skin contact) and internally (through ingestion).

The type of incision to be made

This decision depends on the surgeon. A crease incision is made in the skin under each breast right where your cleavage begins, and a straight line is drawn down from your armpit to your nipple. This gives you an even scar that will fade with time and eventually disappear altogether. If you want a more natural look, ask your surgeon to make an anchor-shaped incision along the crease of each breast near where it meets the pectoral muscle.

How is a breast replacement done?

Breast explant surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will make an incision in the breast to remove the glands and tissues that make up your breasts and any remaining scars from previous surgeries or treatments. Breast implants may be withdrawn at this time as well. If you had multiple surgeries in the past, some of these procedures might be performed simultaneously with your explant surgery.

Recovery after a breast replacement surgery:

You can expect to experience different sensations post-surgery. Depending on the type of explant surgery performed and its extent, you may feel:

  • Moderate to severe soreness in your breasts and upper torso for several weeks or months
  • Some swelling/bruising around your incision sites
  • Discomfort when lying down for extended periods (such as sleeping), lifting heavy objects, or performing specific movements

Most patients can resume regular activities within two weeks after this procedure. However, depending on your work type, that could vary slightly. Wearing an appropriately supportive bra is essential because it helps minimize pain and discomfort during recovery.


This article must have given you some clarity about what to expect from a breast replacement surgery.

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