How can car dealers make use of Instant offers?


Car dealers can expect to receive high-value leads from advertising on Instant Offers. They should also be able to expect more leads than they would from other advertising platforms. This is because the Instant Offers platform allows car dealers to target a specific consumer segment and only show them ads relevant to their buying decision. This is unlike traditional paid search, where you pay based on clicks, meaning there’s no guarantee that your ad will even connect with someone looking for a vehicle like yours.

With car sales Instant Offers, car dealers can be confident that they’re connecting with customers who are actively researching different models and vehicles similar to their own—and it works just as well for new car sales as it does pre-owned vehicles!

What are the best practices for designing my offer?

You can include a link to your website and suggest that customers visit it for more information, or you can use the Instant offer to point them directly to your contact page. This will depend on what kind of information you want people to read before they get in touch. For example, if you’re offering an incentive for test drives, you might want them to fill out a form so that your sales team can follow up with them later.

If you send someone an car sales instant offers about their specific car, ensure that it includes both the car model and colour. That way, if they don’t have any questions or want more information about financing options (for example), they can call or chat with their local dealership without needing additional information from anyone else at work or home.

What are the key components of an offer, and how should I put them together?

  • Offer Type: The first thing you want to do is select the offer you want to create. For this example, use a “Best Value” Instant offer.
  • Dealer and Car Details: Enter the name of your dealership and the vehicle you are interested in selling with the Make, Model and Year of your car.
  • Dealer Rating: If your business has a rating on a reliable website, enter it into the system so that customers can quickly see where they stand when buying from your lot (e.g., four stars out of 5). This step is optional but can help enhance trust among potential buyers who may be concerned about purchasing from unfamiliar sellers or sellers who don’t have any reviews yet. It is recommended to use “Detailed Seller Ratings” in order for users to view all available ratings the next time they visit our site without having to search manually through each listing’s review section again later on down the road!

Does your website work on mobile devices?

Your website is fully responsive, which means that it automatically adjusts to the size of the screen. It will look great on any device: desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you are looking up a vehicle on our website and want to get a picture of its features – like exterior colour or interior materials – simply use your phone as a camera!


Car dealers who use car sales  instant offers may be more likely to receive high-value leads. The more traffic you get to your website, the more leads you will receive. The more leads you receive, the more sales you will make. The more sales you make, the more money you will make and so on until it’s happy-dance time again.

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