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Dealing With Sleep Regression 4 Months Old

When it comes to sleep, the fourth month is often a time of rapid change. It’s common for a baby to sleep well with a pacifier and nursing but as they get older, their brains begin to require different types of stimulation for restful sleep. There are a few things parents can do to help their babies with the sleep regression, including changing their schedule and focusing on creating positive sleep associations. Keeping a close eye on your child is important for his or her well-being.

Getting your baby to sleep at the same time each night can be challenging, but this is completely normal and will pass. Stick to a routine and create a calm environment. If your baby continues to struggle with sleep regression during this period, you can try to sneak in some naps. Your baby should return to solid sleep in a few weeks. If you find that this occurs too frequently, try to adjust the schedule and make your baby’s sleep environment more conducive to waking up and sleeping.

One way to deal with sleep regression is to create a strict day-night schedule. Make sure that your child follows this schedule religiously. Even if you’re going out of town for a day, try to plan an evening ritual that involves a 30-minute wind-down ritual. This will help reduce daytime stimulation, as well as prevent your baby from feeling jet-lagged. It’s also a good idea to incorporate a 30-minute wind-down ritual to help your baby relax before bedtime.

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