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‍The word khatrimaza means ‘he who strikes first’ in Urdu. Twittermahadevanpoynter In this context, it can also mean ‘first person to attack the enemy’. However, this definition of the word is different for each individual. Some people fight with sticks and stones, while others use knives and spears. Regardless of their fighting style, both sides have to have a strategy that maximizes their chances of success. The question remains how? How do you start a war? You might think that by starting one yourself would be the answer! Well, you are right but not in this article. Instead, we will discuss some ways that you can help end a conflict on terms that are fair and just.

What is a Khatrimaza?

In a khatrimaza, you randomly attack the enemy at first contact. It is a guerrilla strategy that relies on fighting in the open and against un- auditory targets. The enemy is then likely to respond by attacking you as well. This process continues until the entire battlefield is covered. In this way, the strike team only has to focus on their task at hand.

The concept of fair and just warfare

There are three types of warfare: nonviolent, nonviolent-free, and full-blown armed conflict. In a nonviolent war, both sides keep to the submitted lines and Geneva Conventions. In a nonviolent-free war, both sides are willing and able to negotiate on the basis of equality and human rights. In a peaceful-free environment, both parties work toward the objective of ending the conflict quickly.

Help the weak and oppressed

The strongest and most oppressed people in a society are those who are the first to take up arms. If you are a weak or oppressed person, fighting for your right to exist or to be treated as an individual is a waste of time and energy. You don’t have to do this because anyone can start a war as soon as they are older than 18. No one starts a war over things that they cannot control. If you want to stop a war, you have to start it yourself. If you are a member of the disabled, orphaned, or socially low-income group, you have every right to demand that your country take military training. Before any country gives you the opportunity to serve in the military, they must first check if you can safely fly a airplane, drive a car, or use a handgun. In these cases, the country will have to take your age into account. The same can go for your other physiological or mental properties. Your age can make or break your health or your ability to survive in the field. Once it is over, they will have to decide if they will employ you or not.

Help the worthy but do not help Yourself

If you are in a position to make a difference, you must take the first step. Ask yourself why you are fighting. What is your primary purpose in fighting? If you answered ‘to protect my home’, you would be very unlikely to fight for your life. For those who are weaker than others, a fight for their right to live can be the ultimate sacrifice. The people who start a fight for the right to die are not necessarily the people who will die in the end. You can help the weak but do not help yourself. Fight for what you want and seek the help that is necessary for survival. For example, if you are a child who is orphaned at a young age, fight for the right to attend school and for a good job. Similarly, if you are a member of the disabled, seek medical help as quickly as possible. If you are a member of the privileged, use your position to help the less fortunate. If you can, save the time and energy spent fighting the wrong kind of war.

Take some self-control and think about what will happen first

The plan that you follow after you take a stand for something you believe in will have a huge impact on your life. If you follow the plan that we have discussed, then you will have a much better chance of survival. If you do not follow the plan, then you will die in the process of fighting for your life. If you think about how you are going to start the conflict, then you will have a better chance of winning than if you do not think about it at all. You can’t just throw a rock at a wall and hope it will hit something. You have to consider what your next move will be, and then think about how you can match that resistance against that rock. If you want to survive, you have to take steps that will help you to survive.


This article has discussed some ways that you can help end a conflict on terms that are fair and just. You can start by helping the weak and oppressed, while also helping the worthy but do not help Yourself. Besides, you can also help out your country when it is standing in need of help. So, if you are a young man or a woman who wants to get involved in fighting, then start the process now. You can also petition your government to make it easier for people with disabilities to serve in the military. This can also be done on the internet. Once you start, it will be very easy for you to carry on the struggle as there are numerous forums, social media, and websites where you can share your ideas, stories, and experiences. If you are not yet aware of how to start a conflict, do not worry. We will teach you how!

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